For the past few months, MoreCravings.com has been looking for the next foodie bloggers to help UAE residents discover new flavours and places, and to keep up with foodies trends.

Our esteemed panel of judges has now selected four passionate UAE foodies and content creators to be the voice of MoreCravings.com. Each of them will be given the opportunity to review the UAE’s most exciting food experiences, supported by the expertise and resources of Marriott International. Check out the winners here!

Watch out for their stories and reviews!

  • Jen Sahi

    Jen Sahi

    Food has always played a major role in my life and has been intertwined in my memories for as long as I can remember. I was born in Las Vegas to Chinese parents who love to eat. They raised me to embrace food with an open mind, and this is how I grew to appreciate different cuisines and cultures.

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  • Neenu Sajin

    Neenu Sajin

    I am Neenu, mom of two, and a social media professional exploring Dubai for the past 9 years, one bite at a time. FoodKissed was born in 2011 out of a passion for writing and eating (the latter being the more prominent interest) and has seen blogposts ranging from restaurant reviews, product experiences, travel stories and social causes.

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  • Sarah Nossy

    Sarah Nossy

    I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia - to a British father and a Mother which is half Chinese half Australian. The beauty of living in Australia was that we could grow our own produce so I would help my Father attend to our vegetable garden. When I would visit my grandparents’ house I would always pick and steal the cherry tomatoes and strawberries. They are still some of my favorite fruits to date.

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  • Sabine Khoury

    Sabine Khoury

    Sabine Khoury is a foodie at heart with a sprinkle of fashion love. Her account celebrates the pleasure of eating, traveling and living every experience to its fullest.

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