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  • Enjoy the Panang Lobster Curry from Sabai Thai at home

    Posted on 08th September 2021.

Learn how to prepare the celebrated Panang Lobster Curry from the Westin Doha.

3 tablespoons of Corn Oil
60 gm of Panang Curry Paste
400 ml of Coconut Milk
250 gm of Lobster Meat
2 leaves of Lime Leaves
20 gm of Palm Sugar
10 gm of Sugar White
1 tablespoon of Fish Sauce
30gm of Sweet Mango
30 gm of Roasted Peanut

Fry the curry paste in the oil on a large pan or in a wok over medium heat until fragrant. Add the coconut milk into the curry paste and bring to a boil and then add palm sugar, white sugar and fish sauce into the mixture. Add lobster and stir; once cooked add peanut and simmer together. Taste and adjust the salt according to your palate by adding more fish sauce if necessary. To finalize, garnish the dish with sweet mango, sliced red chili, a sliced lime and serve. Accompany the Panang Lobster Curry  with steamed jasmine rice or rice noodle.


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