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  • Marriott UKI & Nordics Food Waste Reduction Policy

    Posted on 26th March 2024.

Marriott UKI and Nordics affirms its commitment to operate as a responsible business, to reduce its impact on the environment and to adopt sustainable practices on food waste.

Marriott UKI and Nordics acknowledges the importance of environmental sustainability and is concerned about its “Food Print”. Thus, Marriott UKI and Nordics is committed to creating a food waste conscious environment within its operations. Associate commitment, consistently measuring food waste, integrating new SOPs, engaging diners, and implementing circular models are challenges that we are aware of. However, Marriott UKI and Nordics is committed to deal with these issues and will design, then implement an effective action plan.

Marriott UKI and Nordics genuinely commits to preventing food waste by complying with the 7 pillars on food waste around:

  1. Envisioning the path to take, planning actions to minimize food waste and reporting the result to the internal and external community.
  2. Engaging the whole team and establishing a Food Lover’s Committee that aims to raise awareness by conducting regular trainings and meetings.
  3. Installing a food waste monitoring system that tracks, records, and compares food waste. The data is analyzed and action is taken accordingly.
  4. Implementing, reviewing, and improving the processes and policies to minimize food waste.
  5. Improving and implementing the best practices to reduce food waste in the kitchen operations.
  6. Inspiring the customers by regularly communicating about sustainable food waste practices that are in place.
  7. Adopting circular solutions such as redistributing and/or transforming food leftovers.

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