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  • The Best Iftar Venues in Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

    Posted on 14th March 2023.

Iftar is a beautiful occasion – and it's one that everyone is welcome to enjoy, whether or not you're breaking your dawn-till-dusk Ramadan fast. Here are some of the top venues in five Middle Eastern countries that promise to make Iftar a really special meal.


Qatar, for its hospitality, is a magnificent destination for an Iftar meal, as you will discover many traditional dishes. There is madrouba, a spiced, replenishing Qatari porridge featuring rice, milk, butter and an array of fragrant spices, often cooked with chicken. You also have majboos (machboos), a rice-based Qatari dish served with chicken, meat or prawns, featuring a heady blend of aromatic spices that produce a smoky flavour.  


Egypt is a special place to observe Ramadan. Egyptians usually break their fast by drinking tamr and subia, the traditional Ramadan drinks. Some foods they traditionally enjoy range from stuffed ducks and pigeons to samosas and molokhia, made of a nutritious leafy green vegetable.


Morocco has a few interesting – and delicious – traditions when it comes to breaking fast for Iftar. You’ll almost certainly see harira on an Iftar table in Morocco. This iconic soup made with lentils and chickpeas is garnished with fresh herbs and warm spices. Then there are tagines and couscous, of course, alongside a delectable mix of sweet and savoury foods, breads, pastries, fruits and freshly squeezed juices.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has some mouthwatering dishes that make Iftar a true delight. When breaking fast, the Saudis like to eat a few traditional dishes, such as jalamah – a popular lamb dish cooked with a blend of herbs and spices – and saleeg, a white-rice dish cooked in broth and milk. You might also enjoy tharid, which sees stewed lamb and vegetables served over thin regag bread. 

United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, Ramadan is influenced by many cultures, with typical Iftar spreads featuring everything from pasta to biryani, Lebanese fattoush salad and much more. The region’s most traditional Iftar food is harees, a dish of wheat cooked in slightly salted water for several hours, with meat, often chicken or lamb, added for flavour. This slow cooking over a fire is what gives harees its delicious depth. 

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