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  • Michelin Dubai Guide 2023

    Posted on 24th May 2023.

Torno Subito, One Michelin Star
Lead at the helm by renowned chef Massimo Bottura, the visionary behind the acclaimed three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana, introduces his inaugural One Michelin Star restaurant beyond Italy's borders. With this venture, he invites guests to experience his personal escape, a captivating journey to the enchanting Italian Riviera of the 1960s. This era embodies a perfect blend of sophistication, social engagement, and a relaxed atmosphere, as curated by Chef Bottura himself.

Indya by Vineet, Bib Gourmand
Carrying the title of Bib Gourmand for Extraordinary Taste and Value, Indya by Vineet presents an exciting and innovative concept that will captivate the senses, entice the taste buds, and redefine preconceptions of Indian cuisine. With Chef Vineet's distinctive touch, this unique establishment will offer elevated renditions of Indian culinary delights, showcasing the chef's signature style and pushing the boundaries of traditional flavors and presentations.

Michelin Recommended

Akira Back
Chef Akira Back, acclaimed worldwide, presents his thrilling interpretation of Japanese cuisine infused with Korean and international influences. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you indulge in his culinary creations, crafted using seasonal ingredients and carefully selected artisanal components. Delight in the diverse and captivating Japanese flavors while savoring breathtaking vistas of the Dubai skyline.

Rüya presents an exquisite and refined culinary experience, showcasing an array of contemporary delicacies hailing from the remarkable Anatolian peninsula. This captivating region, spanning from the azure shores of the Mediterranean to the captivating depths of the Black Sea, adds a tapestry of flavors to each dish. With a rich tapestry of history, Rüya crafts dishes that effortlessly blend tradition and innovation, inviting diners to embark on a culinary journey that pays homage to the extraordinary culinary legacy of the Anatolian peninsula.

Indego by Vineet
In Dubai, Vineet Bhatia, a renowned Michelin-starred chef, has created a sensational dining experience where Indian delicacies receive a five-star treatment. The menu offers a delightful range, from beloved classics like aromatic biryanis, succulent butter chicken, and freshly baked naan breads, to enticing contemporary dishes such as lobster tikka masala and lemongrass prawns. The captivating ambience, blending antique artwork and minimalist decor, transports guests to a magical world. This extraordinary setting ensures an unforgettable evening awaits.

Rhodes W1
Embarking on an exhilarating new venture, Rhodes W1 introduces an innovative and relaxed dining concept, presenting an array of distinctive sharing dishes, delectable small plates, and enticing main courses. This culinary extravaganza not only highlights the remarkable skills of the restaurant's diverse team of chefs but also pays homage to the culinary traditions and enduring legacy of the esteemed late Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes. Prepare to indulge in a culinary experience that seamlessly blends creativity, tradition, and homage in every tantalizing bite.

City Social
Immerse yourself in the vibrant Dubai Marina and experience the newest culinary concept crafted by the renowned Celebrity Chef Jason Atherton. Indulge in a dining adventure where passion and culinary expertise converge, as Jason Atherton showcases his inventive and contemporary approach to reimagine classic dishes. Prepare to savor the extraordinary fusion of flavors and artistic presentations that define Chef Atherton's culinary mastery, promising a truly unforgettable dining experience at the heart of Dubai Marina.

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