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  • The Zarb Experience

    Posted Chef Matthias Stuber on 04th October 2020.

The ‘Zarb’ Dining experience will be a true testament to traditional cooking adopted many years ago in the Arabian desert land and which to this day is popularly adapted for quicker cooking in homes and restaurants because of the unmatched flavor it provides to the end dish.

A tender and flavorful dish cooked with vegetables and meats like lamb, slow-cooked in an underground pit. For centuries the Bedouin tribe across the Arabian peninsula has adopted this traditional form of cooking food in these earthen ovens called “taboon” which was a convenient option as they would often travel across deserts and pastures setting up temporary home. Zarb cooking involves protecting the food placed underground by wrapping it securely in palm leaves back in the day, which is now replaced with using foil sheets to secure the heat generated during the cooking process. Through the years with modern techniques coming into play, offering express preparation & cooking, the ‘Zarb’ oven still produces the most flavorsome dishes owing to the resting stage when the marination of the meat allows the juices to properly absorb and thereafter cook perfectly.

Join us for an exclusive outdoor BBQ dinner featuring the traditional Bedouin style of cooking meats this Doha Food Fest. Check the menu in the menu tab for more details. Prices start from QAR 1,200 for 5 to 6 people. Seating is limited and is available on first come, first serve basis by calling +974 4425 6666. Advanced reservation is required.

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