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Cigar Bar

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul, Autograph Collection

Cigar Bar

Boasting a location on a terrace and an unmatched panorama at the heart of the İstanbul Old City, the Cigar Bar is a premium lounge that invites its distinguished guests to experience the cigar culture in engaging company. Just like assets in a bank’s vault, cigars are preserved in special humidors and our guests can choose singles or boxes from a wide range of options. The cigars purchased by guests are kept in the right conditions in appropriate humidors throughout their stay. Special events such as “Cigars and Drinks” pairings or cigar rolling demonstrations are sporadically held at the Cigar Bar, as well as periodical ones named “Masters of Orientbank,” where guests can find out about different types of tobacco, their origins, blending methods and many other details. This helps guests to get acquainted with types of tobacco and discover new flavors having savored the aromas of the samples.


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