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Do you love food? Do you have a passion for writing, especially when it is associated to a dining experience? Then, this competition is made for you. Marriott International’s is looking for the next foodie blogger to help UAE residents discover new flavours and places, and to keep up with foodies trends.

Participation is simple: Submit a 30 second video clip on your social media account, and hashtag #MoreCravingsMEA. The video should portray who you are, and why you think you should be the next foodie, as well as what type of venues you would enjoy writing for. You can choose up to 3 categories from the below.

  • • Luxury dining and Fine Casual
  • • Family-friendly
  • • Brunch expert
  • • Casual and Cafes
  • • Bars

Entries are now closed… The participants shortlisted for the second round are now experiencing some of our selected restaurants and lounges to submit their own written reviews. Only one in each category will be chosen… Watch out for the winners!

  • Luxury dining and Fine Casual

    Luxury dining and Fine Casual

    Sometimes the mood calls for indulgent eating! The perfect blend of high quality, decadent dishes and an extravagant atmosphere with efficiently fast service. Whether you are a white table cloth and multiple courses person or a causal with lavish food person, this makes for the best time out with a close group of friends or family!

  • Family-friendly


    Food tastes better with family! Family-friendly restaurants bring the family vibe (literally!) to the table with all day dining of a huge variety of food and drinks, open and comfortable spaces, and light-hearted, fun ambiance! And while the kids are being entertained with fun activities, the adults are free to mingle or chat.

  • Brunch expert

    Brunch expert

    What weekends are known for – brunches! Afternoons (and sometimes evenings) make for an iconic experience for locals and tourists alike with unlimited food and drinks, as well as a whole lot of enjoyment! Everyone's favorite 'time of the day' in their social calendars that truly defines what having a good time entails.

  • Casual and Cafes

    Casual and Cafes

    Here... being laid back is key! The perfect ambiance one needs for a hangout full of laughter and good fun while sharing plates of delicious food. The kind of place that welcomes all, whether you are in a hurry and want to grab something to-go, or chill for short time in an otherwise busy day, or spend hours away from the office in a different setting.

  • Bars


    Simply put, where nightlife meets live entertainment! Your go-to place for making the most of the happy hour or catching up with friends over drinks on the weekends, all set in a casual yet energetic atmosphere with your favorite hits playing in the background.

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