Posted by Sabine Khoury on 09th June 2019.

Azure Pool Bar & Restaurant - your go-to place for a quick lunch at the pool bar

Decided to spend a weekday at the pool and headed out to Azure Pool Bar & Restaurant at Sheraton Jumeirah Beach resort. 

When we got to the hotel and asked the staff about the bar, they were a little bit confused for some reason and didn’t know the name “Azure”. Then when we mentioned the “pool”, they led us there. 

Not a great start but I would assume based on what happened that this pool bar is not quite popular for people who aren’t staying in the resort.


The calming blue color of the round bar strikes at first: an island pool bar on one side and a poolside dining area on the other.  

You will notice beautiful palm trees shading the bar, with the sea on one side and the swimming pool on the other. And what’s even better is the calm laid-back atmosphere: it’s not your typical over crowded pool bar, which allows you to spend a relaxing day working on your tan while sipping a refreshing cocktail. 


They have an a la carte menu that has limited variety of food: from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pastas and BBQ mains to refreshing mocktails, signature cocktails. alongside a range of fresh juices.
We had a refreshing ice cold beer and lemonade, and ordered:
- The Beach Comber Salad: Garden greens, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes with Mango dressing. The dish lacked in taste, although the Mango dressing gave it this sweet fruity flavor. 
- The Grilled Chicken Breast with grilled vegetables and sweet potato fries. I ordered this dish from the kids menu, YES I did! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any healthy main menu items, which is something that should be thought of as people nowadays are leaning into healthier meals.


A laid-back pool bar location with beautiful views, average food and great drinks; Azure bar is open from early morning 9am until sunset. Highly recommended to go there alone for some “me” time or with a friend.

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