Posted by Sarah Nossy on 28th March 2019.

Basta! is a casual dining Italian restaurant which opened its doors a year ago in the gorgeous Renaissance Downtown Hotel Dubai situated in Business Bay.
It is owned by world-renowned chef David Myers AKA the gypsy chef who also owns Bleu Blanc and Poppy in the same hotel. The former, a French restaurant and the latter, a hip speakeasy bar.

Basta! staff are aplenty upon our arrival and all greet us with a smile as we step inside. They allow us to choose our table (and kindly offer to stow my suitcase). We opt for an outside table on their balcony as the weather is lovely in Dubai right now, although the inside seating with the dim lighting and mural of Sophia Loren is also very inviting. There’s an open fire heater outside which adds a lovely ambiance to the over water views of the canal, not to mention the easy listening playlist.

Our waiter Assim from Syria is knowledgeable and answers our questions about the menu before swiftly placing our order. The food arrives promptly and on this occasion we decide to try the mozzarella caprese salad for appetizer, the pepperoni, mushroom and provolone wood-fired pizza as well as the grilled chicken scalloppine for mains.

The portion sizes are quite decent and as I’m gobbling up the rest of the mozzarella cheese with some warm focaccia bread the mains start to arrive. They have a ‘serve as it's ready’ policy. The pizza has ample toppings and a super thin crust and was easier to eat with a knife and fork. The chicken scalloppine comes served with two pieces of chicken with slithers of mixed bell peppers in a devil red sauce, but don't be scared by the name, it wasn't as spicy as the name would suggest!

Feeling rather content but wanting something sweet, we decide to run our eyes over the dessert menu to see what options they have. From gelato to panacotta to cannoli, I opt for my personal favourite; tiramisu. We decide to share and I’m glad we did. There’s no way I could have finished it myself. It was cream heavy with chocolate shavings, biscotti and a generous dusting of cocoa on top.

It goes down nicely with a glass of Barbera d’asti la vigna vecchia from Piemonte, Italy.
Basta! offer diners a lot of promotions including a daily aperitivo from 5-7pm which includes 2 drinks and 1 anitpasti for a steal of just AED 68. They also offer lunch deals with 2 courses costing a mere AED 79 and 3 courses for just AED 99.

Basta's relaxed environment remains quiet despite the terrace seating being full that evening. We enjoyed the prompt service without feeling rushed and the staff’s very attentive and personable nature, which made for a great overall dining experience. They also offer diners free valet parking with validation from the restaurant. Basta! is perfect for date nights, catching up with friends, and also if you just want to unwind, the Italian way.

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