Posted by Sarah Nossy on 31st July 2019.

Have you entered a restaurant and immediately liked it even though you haven’t tried the food? This is exactly what happened to me with Beef Bistro. I just had this really good gut feeling and I always trust my intuition. Spoiler alert: I was right. Read on to find out why.

It rebranded from M’s to just Beef Bistro and had a refurbishment back in December 2017. Most recently they have added a new patio which will come in handy in the cooler months. 


The restaurant oozes class and plays jazz covers. The tables are set with lavender and the natural light floods in through the windows and skylights. Not to mention their staff are polite and respectful, not butting in mid conversation. I could be in a French country club miles away but in reality I’m at the Le Meridien Hotel and Conference Centre Al Garhoud, home to many great restaurants.

Luigie our waiter answers our questions about the menu and then assists with recommendations and finally the placement of our order whilst we sit back eagerly and admire the ambiance. 

First to reach was 3 freshly shucked rather large oysters with lime wedges and vinaigrette dressing. Whilst my dining partner tucks into those I’m fixated on the Beef Carpaccio disguised as a plate I almost didn’t notice it. It’s covered by rocca leaves and a very generous helping of Parmesan cheese. I’m not a fan of mushrooms usually but the two types used in this dish were raw and almost sweet in flavour.


The oxtail parcels, 3 giant ravioli stuffed with shredded oxtail beef is served in the most delicious beef gravy I ever did taste. The duck salad is made with green lentils, diced onions & tomato, wedges of figs and ample servings of slow cooked confit duck. 

For mains we enjoy a juicy lamb rack comes already sliced with a sweet turnip puree whilst our grade 9 wagyu Australian Tenderloin sits pretty on a slate board and garnished with some roasted garlic. The steak comes with a sauce of choice and we added some grilled asparagus and ratatouille. The tenderloin is exactly that, so tender and cooked as requested; medium rare with a salty seared exterior. I can’t believe my tastebuds and I’m not even bothering about the sauce on the side. Incredible. Did I just find my new favourite steak house?


Just when I thought all the excitement was over we order dessert and a live cooking station comes to our table and overloads our senses as a chef cooks us crepes suzette. Melting sugar, burnt orange, flambé. It was appreciated even more after seeing the effort which goes into it. Their cheesecake though was something else. Simple. Effortless. Incredible. It was devoured within seconds.

If you’d like a more French experience then they do serve the likes of escargot, foie gras and bouillabaisse all the way down to mille-feuille and crème brulee. But if there’s one thing I know, I’ll be back again just for the steak! 

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