Posted by Neenu Sajin on 02nd July 2019.

Every month, Mr FoodKissed and I explore new realms of our patience levels with a lunch outing with the kids. We enter restaurants with strollers, baby bags and two tiny humans capable of bringing the roof down, if they put their mind to it. It’s challenging, but it’s got its moments - moments that make the hassle worth it & the experience memorable. Which brings me to our lunch last weekend at Casa Mia, Le Meridien Dubai.


Casa Mia has a simple, yet pretty entrance. There is a walkway, covered on top with pergola work, and greens all around. A rustic charm prevails with wooden barrels and stone-work fountains leading to a small wooden door. Inside, you have a pleasantly set up dining room with wooden floor panels, white table cloths and a hearty Italian welcome from the staff.


Our bread basket had warm buns and cheese & olive breads, thick slabs of home-made butter and a delicious balsamic vinegar which I had a strong urge to take home with me. Starters comprised of Beef Tartare (AED 100), Veal slices (AED 87) and a Cold Cuts platter (AED 126). The tartare came in gorgeous plating, with a beetroot version on top. The veal was sliced thin with tuna & capers mayonnaise, slightly but surely overpowering the taste of the meat. The cold cuts platter was a grand affair with prosciutto, salame, mortadella and pancetta, alongside preserved home-made pickles. Little Miss Mehreen beamed at the coloring book & crayons brought for her and honored us by eating her fill of the creamy white chicken pasta and fresh orange juice.


Going by our server Franky’s recommendation, I tucked into the Valdarnese style beef fillet tagliata (AED 200) brought to me. The meat was a perfect medium well (as requested), with sautéed potatoes, rocket leaves & shaved parmesan on top. It was incredibly delicious, perfectly seasoned & wonderfully juicy. Mr FoodKissed was recommended the seafood spaghetti (AED 133), which he graciously accepted and did not regret. The pasta had the feel of the sea and came with fleshy seafood & a wave of flavor.


Desserts were a no-brainer. My chocolate fondant (AED 49) oozed out dark chocolate and carried a crispness around the edges, turning it delightfully chewy. The ameretto icecream rested on a wafer base and together with the fondant, proved to be bomb of a combination. Second in line was of course, the Tiramisu (AED 42) – light, creamy and cocoa laden with spongy ladies’ fingers inside.


Casa Mia serves wonderful food, no doubt. The ambience is homely, and the wine menu is long. But what adds further charm to this restaurant is the splendid service provided by the likes of Franky & Syed. Knowledgeable & attentive, they extend genuine interest to understand if the patron has enjoyed their meal. That’s not something you see a lot in Dubai, and that’s something that takes the dining experience to the next level. Top marks for Casa Mia in the FoodKissed books! 


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