Posted by Neenu Sajin on 02nd July 2019.

This week’s biggest development in the FoodKissed household goes thus: Little Samar learnt to point at his head & nose correctly, joins his palms together when asked to say please, and shakes his head vigorously to denote a “no” when asked if he is being naughty. And in other news, we tried out the Feast brunch (AED 425 including house bev, AED 325 soft drinks) at Sheraton Grand Hotel, devoured fresh lobsters and hoarded some of the richest home-made chocolate bars loaded with pistachios. My guess is you want to know more about the brunch. Read on.


When you name a brunch “Feast”, expectations are automatically set high. The main buffet is given a stunning start with a lavish cold cuts section featuring foie gras mousse, 12 spiced cured salmon, a cheese selection to die for and a sushisashimi board that was grand enough to make a meal out of. Little Miss Mehreen, an otherwise picky eater, blessedly loves a good spread of pepperoni and bresaola, and had her fill here (making me do the mommy dance of joy). We then wandered around to spot a children’s room (albeit unsupervised), with an elaborate buffet, play mats, crayons and drawing papers. 


While Mehreen graduated from the pepperoni to the beef wellington, we explored the live grill specials of lobsters and prawns. The Asian section had a schezuan beef that was top notch, while the Indian counter had a butter chicken & dal thadka which Mr FoodKissed paid attention to. The grill seemed to be the star counter, with a constant bustle for lobsters, prime ribs, lamb shoulders & salmon.  


Drag yourself to the dessert table after all that, and prepare to be spoilt rotten by the variety of sweet treats. From an icecream chiller with beautifully arranged scoops, to foot-long uniquely flavored cakes like the Green tea-raspberry-vanilla and the Vanilla bavarois cake, the Chefs got every palette covered here. Of particular appreciation are the crème brulee, the lemon meringue and the droolworthy chocolate table that had sheets & bars of white & dark chocolate encrusted with pistachios, raisins & cherry alongside chocolate truffles with lemon filling. As you can imagine, this is the area where I totally and hopelessly lost any ounce of self-restraint I might have possessed. 


The brunch undoubtedly proved true to its name. It was a feast fit for the kings, complete with a mixology counter serving concoctions of mojitos. My only concern would be dishes like the chicken baos, with portion sizes grand enough to possibly cause wastage. The time when Chefs served bowls of salads to our table, although felt endearing, resulted in wastage owing to the portion size as well as the fact that it was dishes we did not ask for. 


What’s the FoodKissed rating, you ask? A 4/5 with a special mention for the food quality, variety, service & good ambience. Points to pay attention – smaller portion sizes and a supervised play area please. Now let’s call it a day! Burp.  


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