Posted by Sabine Khoury on 28th July 2019.

Grapeskin - your new social hangout bar in the city

I’ve heard a lot of great buzz about this place, so decided to check it out on a Friday night at 7.00pm. Located within the courtyard of La Ville Hotel & Suites in City Walk, Grapeskin is a new grape bar and kitchen discovery that I’m happy I experienced.


The bar isn’t easy to locate, and there aren’t any signs from outside so we had to pass by another restaurant in the hotel and ask around to arrive.

While walking towards the restaurant, you will spot a nice outdoor terrace partially overlooking Burj Khalifa, where people were actually having Shisha! Well, that’s a first at a wine bar! 

Although the lounge sofas looked so comfortable, we decided to check out the vibes inside since the weather was hot.

Once you step in, you couldn’t not notice the warm and inviting feel of the space: an industrial décor with metal chairs and wood tables, along with lights hanging from a high ceiling.

The bar was strikingly busy for an early Friday night in that area. Let’s discuss the reason behind it below J



It was Happy Hour! They have it daily from 4-8pm and on weekends from 1-8pm on a selection of grapes by the glass or bottles and a few cheese cuts. Options for everyone to enjoy.

Our waiter Tatiana greeted us and started explaining the bar’s menu concept, and oh my I was surprised (in a good way though). They have a good menu with a variety of cheese boards, food sharing platters and they have 4 amazing offers that I’ll share with you below:

-  Grape of the week: they pick a selection of their finest grapes from specific regions and update the flavors every week. We tried the Brazilian white wine Miolo; a floral, fruity and acidic wine. Perfect for sweet tooth lovers.

-  Grape and mood pairing: Now that was my favorite and one of a kind concept in the UAE. You can match your wine to your current mood. I was feeling “Could feel better” mood, so I had a glass of Prosecco Prestige from Italy. And you can pick from an extensive selection; from Don Perignon Blanc to Yellow Tail Rose to Pongracz South African red wine.

-  Grape and cheese discovery: they select 3 glasses of different wines for you and serve them with a go-to cheese board partner with three different kind of cheese that fits the taste. A perfect gastronomic combination that you wouldn’t be able to figure out by yourself.

-  Ladies night: every Tuesday, ladies get two free drinks along with a cheese board.





We really had a great time at Grapeskin – it’s that kind of place that reminded me of laid-back wine bars back in Lebanon. A cool venue with friendly staff, great music and a diverse wine menu with pairing options.Would I come back? Definitely! I loved my first visit there and I cannot wait to go back for ladies’ night. 

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