Posted by Sarah Nossy on 27th May 2019.

It had been sometime since I visited a buffet style restaurant. After being shown to our table, I immediately set off in search of some food. I approach one island and grab a plate only to notice that there were desserts. So I walk around the other side of the same island, only to find even more desserts. It wasn't until I turned around and noticed the sheer size of the restaurant and that this dessert island was just 1 of 6 stations which take up the entire 1st floor of tower B in the majestic JW Marriott Marquis. You almost need a map to navigate through this food maze and back to your table.

Dumbfounded I stumble around searching for a salad bar or a soup to start off my evening and I came across the Asian island and a 'create your own noodle soup' station. This was right up my alley so I started selecting from the 5 different types of noodles with various choices of protein and veggies. You then hand your bowl over to the chef who blanches your combination and then adds your choice of broth. Lastly it's up to you to add your own condiments.

The noodle soup was slurped down faster than it took to make and off we set again this time in search for some sushi. They have both nigiri and maki rolls either with prawn, salmon, tuna as well as vegetarian options. I noticed earlier a chef handover some dim sum so I make it my mission to find these as well. In the process I come across a Singapore Chicken & Rice station and my eyes light up. To me this is a comfort food so I make sure to add some to my plate. It's tender and fragrant and it gives me flashbacks to the hawker house in Singapore.

By this stage I'm getting quite full but I hadn't tasted much from the other islands so I venture off for a carnivorous round. I add to my plate some lamb ouzi with rice and yoghurt, chicken sharwarma, chicken tika masala with some naan bread as well as some grilled eggplant and deep fried sweet potato strings for good measure. The beauty of a buffet is being able to try a little of everything so it's perfect for those indecisive people who can't decided what they want for dinner.

Struggling to leave much room at all for dessert, I am thankful that the red velvet cupcakes are miniature in size but I can't not have kunafa, especially during Ramadan. I search for the sugar syrup which the chef finds and pours with a smile and then I find an ice cream counter so I take a scoop of date ice cream which is seriously the best flavour ice cream I've tasted in a long while. A creamy caramel flavor, which chunks of chewy dates, I wish every dinner finished this way. We end the night with a selection of tea and light chitchat and discuss whether we should walk home or take a cab.

Kitchen 6 can cater to a whopping 400 people on a regular sitting and during Ramadan that number can exceed 500 in one night. They have over 100 staff that work together seamlessly to ensure that you have the best dining experience. Shout out to Benj for taking care of us and making sure we didn't go thirsty.

Kitchen 6 is one of the best buffet experiences here in Dubai and they cater for large group bookings too. The only sad part was they turned the chocolate fountain off before I got to taste it. So grab your friends and book your next gathering by calling restaurant reservations on 04 526 9207.

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