Posted by Neenu Sajin on 14th July 2019.

Masala Library at JW Marriott Marquis, is dubbed as the “magnum-opus” of Jiggs Kalra, lovingly known as the “Czar of Indian cuisine”. The restaurant promises the grandeur of traditional cooking with modern techniques, served in a futuristic presentation designed to stun and sensationalize.

Jargons aside, in layman’s terms – the restaurant claimed a BIG deal. Due to a strict no children policy (8yrs+ only), we walked in freely without prams and baby squeals. The glorious pillars and the high ceiling dining hall were revealed, creating a smashing first impression. Going by the Chef’s recommendation, we opted to try one Iftar set menu with an à la carte selection.


The 10-course non-veg iftar menu (AED 230/person) began with an amuse bouche crafted like a yolk in an egg shell. On the table-side, a deconstructed mushroom chai was made, where dehydrated mushrooms (playing tea leaves), truffle oil powder (playing sugar), topped with a mushroom consommé, created an aroma weakening you in the knees. Starters were curry leaf and pepper prawns with thayir satham (spiced yogurt), crispy spinach leaves on a bed of silky sweet potato puree and an Australian lamb chop that was succulent & spiced to perfection. Ideal portion sizes ensured we had enough to try and enjoy, while not making us uncomfortably stuffed.


From the à la carte menu, cooked at our table-side, came the Bombay sandwich (AED 95), a fantastic combination of freshly seared wagyu meat, foie gras and traces of mint (the center bite a little heaven in itself!). The ghee roast scallops in a coco cloud (AED 90) had Hokkaido scallops pan seared and served warm with a cool cloud of curry leaf coconut cream. A visually dramatic dish with distinct flavors making us extremely happy with our choice!


Iftar mains included beautifully charred Lahori chicken doused with a buttery sauce and perfectly paired with flaky laccha parathas. The dal makhani was rich and thick, and the mutton biriyani had an aromatic masala. Our order of Lobster moilee (AED 160) with gunpowder mash, was a little over cooked, making the flesh a tad rubbery. The Nizami Haleem topped with mutton pickle had a rich, flavorsome stew, justifying it’s claim “for the royalty”. The portion size for AED 35 - truly grand!


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