Posted by Sarah Nossy on 14th May 2019.

Maya is 1 out of a whopping 11 F&B outlets located outside of the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa in Dubai Marina. Take a short walk out the back of the hotel and you'll stumble across this 2 story Mexican restaurant with a huge wrap around terrace complete with an outdoor bar. They have a 3-piece band that plays a mix of upbeat pop and Latino songs to keep you entertained all evening. Most importantly they don't open until 7pm on weekdays however they are open on weekends for lunch, brunch and dinners.

It's my first visit to Maya after many recommendations from my friend. It?s a fine dining restaurant but with a relaxed vibe and a nice overall ambiance. We chose to sit at the outdoor terrace, which boasts views of the surrounding Marina buildings. The terrace is full during our visit with a mix of families and groups of friends.

Maya's menu is pretty straightforward and is covered over one page. We start our night with some classic guacamole. It's not made tableside like other establishments and comes served with the chopped onions, tomatoes and herbs to one side rather than mixed through.

For starters we also enjoy a tuna ceviche. Light, fresh and zingy which is a contrast compared to the heavy cheesy mushroom dish also known as queso fundido, which we delve into next. It comes served in a cast iron dish on a live fire that melts the cheese right in front of you. It's served with two tortilla wraps on the side.

I'm surprised by the limited offering of taco flavors but decide to opt for chicken as it's served with sweet grilled pineapple (my favourite) but only come in sets of 3 tacos and no options to mix flavors.

From the mains we chose a steak dish however I was more interested in trying the side cactus salad that came along with it. It's similar to aloe vera in taste and texture. The tenderloin is served a little under medium and is also accompanied by a potato gratin, guacamole and a mole cheese enchilada.

The red wine list was impressive and spanned to a full page long. It covers some of the finest regions from South Africa, Spain and also Argentina. Their range of tequila is just as impressive. So much so they have a dedicated staff member who pushes around a tequila trolley. He wears a skull apron and has some serious bongo skills.

Make sure to save some space for the giant churros similar to the ones you can order at Disneyland that come with a Mexican chocolate sauce as well as a dulce de leche dipping sauce. The only way to end a Mexican meal.

For reservations call 04 316 5550.

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