Posted by Neenu Sajin on 14th April 2019.

If I had any sense in me, I would not be bundling the kids with me to restaurants. I would be quitting all vain attempts to make scary faces at them as they thump on the table and scatter the cutlery. But then mothers are generally proven to be senseless beings, trying to cuddle up the little ones wherever they go, restaurant or not. And so, there I was with my loud little family at Palm Grill, a gorgeous beachside restaurant at The Ritz Carlton, JBR.

Palm Grill is all things sea and sand. You can either be seated with your feet in the sand, or on the verandah, catching the sunrays through the pergola above. A breeze is always on call, the beach always in sight. Alfresco dining meant that some flies were around, but that is nothing new in Dubai winters. The staff were in their shorts and tees, but despite the relaxed vibes, the service game was on point. The little shake our table had was efficiently corrected and the essential crayons were swiftly delivered.

Little Miss Mehreen enjoyed the mini-burger, while Little Samar munched on the fresh fries.

As for us, a consensus was hard to reach with so many favorites on the menu. There was no choice but to go a little overboard. Crispy Veal Brisket (AED 65) was delicious with the accompanying Chimichurri dip - soft and succulent on the inside. The platter of Fine de Claire Oysters (AED 150) was a dream. The ocean was given to me with a red wine vinaigrette and I relished every slurp with a rather provocative 'mmmm', making Mr FoodKissed squirm in his chair with embarrassment.

Classic Ceviche (AED 70) featured Seabass & Confit Octopus with the bite of Cancha corn. It was a dish apt for a taste of the sea, but with a sharpness of lemon that was strong for us. The Nikkei Ceviche (AED 75) however, was yellow fin tuna, mango, avocado and all things I love in a perfect dressing.

To alleviate our confusion on the mains, we managed to coax our server, Michael into sharing his recommendations. Thus, the Spanish Octopus (AED 155) & the Australian Lamb Chops were decided on. Contrary to all our previous octopus experiences, this one was perfectly cooked and delicious to the palette. The Lamb Chops (AED 195) were wonderfully seasoned and cooked to medium well as was requested. Together with the insanely rich & creamy mushroom sauce, here is a dish so enjoyable, that I'm willing to place my reputation on it. I suppose the only let down was the dessert. The Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Mousse (AED 40) despite the glorious appearance, was chilled too hard for enjoyment.

Aside from the dessert, my experience at Palm Grill was just perfect. The food, the service, the ambience and even the surprising value for money winning brownie points! A great venue to catch some alfresco with the kids in tow.

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