Posted by Sabine Khoury on 10th April 2019.

Poppy: A secret cocktail bar in the heart of Dubai!

It was a Friday, so we decided to start off the night by having a couple of early drinks at 7 pm.

Along with Bleu Blanc and BASTA!, Poppy is the third venue by celebrity chef David Myers that recently opened at Renaissance Downtown Hotel.


It was a little bit tough to find the bar. We went inside Basta, asked about Poppy and were told to go upstairs. Once you?re up, you find yourself with a door on your right that says ?private? and on your left is an outside lounge leading to Bleu Blanc. The most unusual of entrances led us to the most unexpected of venues.


Even though the place opens at 6, we had to sit and wait in the outside lounge as they were still prepping the place after the big event from the night before. The staff were super nice, and they even offered us our first 2 drinks on the house to make up for waiting while they set up.

The first thing that hits you when you enter this bar is the 60s music playing and how cozy the atmosphere is. It?s a dark place with dim lights, lit by candles and Edison light bulbs, romantic eh?
It has an intimate decor with elegant seating and chic interiors, unlike anything else you?ve been to in Dubai.

The bar is set on a low level so you can see in action your cocktails being created, and even take part in it if you like.


The mixologist is no other than Sam Ross, the mastermind behind the award-winning Milk & Honey restaurant in New York City.
The menu is divided into 3 sections, based on the intensity of the drink and your mood ;) You can choose from Stirred & Boozy to Light & Bright cocktails.
We had the:
- ? Shangri La: a mix of Japanese whiskey with chocolate bitters. The perfect pairing if you have a sweet tooth!
- Vieux Carre: Rye, cognac and Benedictine (a French liquor). A match made in heaven!
- Bramble: Gin with passion fruit and crushed ice. A true party pleaser and my favorite!
- Airmail - Rum, Sparkling wine with honey & lime. A refreshing fruity taste!
And if you prefer something simple, there?s also a wide variety of spirits.


I was happy they had a nibbles menu, although limited with 5 items. They recently introduced this due to previous customers? requests as they were serving only cocktails before.
We ordered the Salmon roe on a taramasalata toast and the cured wagyu with sourdough on the side. David Myers nailed these! A perfect pairing with the finest cocktails I had in the UAE.


A unique speakeasy concept with a romantic touch. There?s definitely going to be a next time for this place, if not for the delicious cocktails, I can just go for music and those wagyu beef strips. Something tells me I should try it after 10 pm, when the DJ kicks off.

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