Posted by Jen Sahi on 28th March 2019.

The Prime68 experience begins the moment you step into the lift that whisks you to the 68th floor of Tower A at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. As your ears pop, the excitement builds as you ascend to one of the highest eating establishments in Dubai, gazing out towards the Arabian Gulf.

There's a reason why this restaurant has received so many accolades. It's a place to celebrate a special occasion, to really make an impression, or to visit when you're simply craving an excellent steak.

The interiors are elegant in cream and black, the food is consistently top-notch, the sunsets are stunning, and the seating is cleverly oriented to feel private while making the most of the panoramic views.

But what really makes the experience is the staff. From the congenial restaurant manager to the passionate chef who showed us the custom-built Josper charcoal grill to our highly competent waiter, this is the kind of attention that gives Prime68 its personality, enhances the dining experience, and keeps customers like me coming back.

Prime68 obviously prides itself on its steak, serving up the most sought-after cuts of premium beef from producers around the world, including dry-aged USDA Prime Tomahawk, American Tallgrass Wagyu striploin, Jack's Creek Black Angus ribeye from Australia, and the multiple-award-winning Master Kobe tenderloin which boasts a marbling score of 9+.

Even the most basic steak, the wet-aged Australian tenderloin, is tender and smooth - a perfect fillet skillfully cooked to precision on the Josper grill. Oak chips impart a smoky flavour that lingers on your palate like a fine wine. The steak is so tender indeed that you don't even need one of the fine serrated steak knives offered to you at your table.

However, while steak is the clear superstar of Prime68, the non-steak dishes are just as good.

Smoked Angus Beef Meatballs are an ideal starter for sharing. They're also smoked on the Josper grill for a richer flavour, then added to a chunky marinara sauce with Parmesan cheese and crispy basil. Pan-Seared Diver Scallops are sweet and springy, complemented by a layer of savoury beef pancetta, and served on a bed of minted mushy peas.

Prime68's Potato Gnocchi are delicate dumplings tossed in broccoli dust before being pan-fried until golden. But the real soul of this dish is the creamy five-cheese fondue and generous shavings of black truffle, which transform this into the ultimate comfort food.

The quintessential Wedge Salad of iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing is made even more special with a few novel touches - crispy shallots, dehydrated Cecina beef, mouth-poppingly-sweet redcurrant tomatoes, olive oil caviar, and Prime68's own tarragon and garlic-scented guacamole (affectionately named 'avocado goddess') complete what would otherwise be standard steakhouse fare.

Four classic desserts, including the Dark Chocolate Almond Brownie or New York Cheesecake, provide a sweet finish to an already satisfying meal.

Whether you're a serious meat eater or not, Prime68 is the place to go to get the ultimate dining experience.

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