Dubai, UAE, October 22 2018 – Marriott International Luxury Brand portfolio is committed to bringing authentic epicurean experiences to create memorable culinary indulgences for its guests. A first in the series, is a pop-up experience in partnership with Dibba Bay, the Middle East’s first shellfish farm. The pop up which will come to life from 25th to 27th October, 2018, at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, is a culinary delight in all its glory, showcasing the freshest home-grown oysters from Fujairah. The pop-up will travel to different properties within the Marriott International Luxury Brand portfolio within the United Arab Emirates. The next stop for the pop-up is planned at Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai from 8th to 10th November 2018.

The Dibba Bay partnership is a UAE-wide initiative that is in line with the brands’ commitment to support local produce and artisans whilst creating memorable culinary experiences that enhance, engage and delight guests. Marriott International Luxury Brand portfolio has been renowned for curating delectable epicurean experiences such as the JW Marriott Venice Food Festival pop up in Dubai in collaboration with Michelin Star Chefs. Recently, Al Manara, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Jordan created a unique Epicurean Journey that introduced guests to the local Jordanian culinary heritage and culture through a taste of traditional home cooked food.

“These exclusive events are a showcase of refined taste making and are thoughtfully crafted by our culinary experts who believe in creating meaningful experiences that bring to life our distinctive point of view on luxury dining,” said Candice D’Cruz, Vice President, Luxury Brand Marketing & Management, Marriott International, Middle East & Africa. “Our partnership with Dibba Bay Oyster Farm is an example of how we support local produce.”

Dibba Bay Oyster Farm on the east coast of the UAE, produces gourmet oysters grown in the pristine, food-rich waters of Fujairah. The Middle East has been long known for pearl oysters, yet edible oysters are a different species that have traditionally been thought to only thrive in colder waters, but with careful care and management, the Dibba Bay oysters thrive in the warm and food rich waters of Fujairah. Established in 2016, this locally created concept produces up to 30,000 oysters a month in the nutrient rich waters off the Gulf of Oman – now playing a central role in the UAE’s artisanal gourmet offering.
“The UAE is increasingly farming its own produce as the current import of its seafood supply sits at 78%” explains Ramie Murray, Managing Director of East Coast Shellfish and founder of Dibba Bay Farm. “While other oysters sold in the UAE are flown into the country as refrigerated freight, Dibba Bay oysters are transported straight from farm to local market in just a few hours, reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that consumers receive the freshest oysters, straight from the sea to the table. Our relationship with the Marriott International Luxury Brands portfolio allows us to play an active role in creating authentic epicurean experiences, in a meaningful way in the UAE.”
A dazzling pearl of the sea surrounded by a shining crown of skyscrapers, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai is the perfect location to host the kickoff event for this exclusive gastronomic series: a one-of-a-kind evening offering oyster tasting, with a selection of dishes and eclectic flavors prepared exclusively by the in-house chefs, with home-curated recipes and paired with beverages of note and signature drinks. Whether you are a discerning gourmet or an adventurous diner willing to explore, these events are sure to play a symphony of taste upon your palate and leave you craving for more.

For the full series of events and prices for the Dibba Bay collaboration and pop up dates, please e-mail [email protected] 

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