Posted by Neenu Sajin on 14th July 2019.

When you are a parent, you are used to the flying forks and clattering plates at the table. The noise is part of the meal. The frustration is part of the experience. So, when the husband and I landed at our cozy, window-side 2-seater table at Vivaldi, complete with romantic lighting and soft music, suddenly we felt lost. There was no baby to wrestle into a high chair, there was no little girl whining for Peppa Pig. We were just a couple without any children, in a child-friendly restaurant, determined to focus on the food for once! 

Vivaldi has an airy ambience, with lavish natural light during day time. We were there for dinner, the lights were dimly lit, and the 180-degree view of the Dubai creek was fabulous. The staff appeared to be materializing the moment you needed something, giving service a bold tick on my checklist. They were also well aware of the menu, its ingredients and methods. 


The first to arrive at our table after the warm bread basket, was the Wagyu Beef Carpaccio (AED 79). Vivaldi had layered a thin film of black truffle under the meat and there was a topping of rocket leaves and fresh parmesan. Honestly, there was no way you could find fault with such a simple, perfect dish. Spanish grilled Octopus (AED 75) was served on warm, silky mashed potatoes and salmoriglio dressing (a quick search helped me understand that it’s a Southern Italian dressing made of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, parsley & oregano). The octopus was tender, cooked perfectly. Simple, though distinct flavors fulfilling the role of an enjoyable starter. The Burrata (AED 65) was creamy & dense together with the fresh juices from the heirloom tomatoes. You would approve. 


For the mains, despite other tempting options, the hungry mister pounced on the Wagyu rib eye, while I gravitated towards Ossobuco for its novelty. The Wagyu rib eye (AED 185) came with balsamic reduction, rocket leaves & parmesan. Boasting a marble score of 7+, the meat was deliciously fatty, with perfect seasoning, grilled to a medium well as was asked for. Ossobuco (AED 145), I learnt from our server, is a cross-cut veal shank, braised with vegetables & broth, served with traditional risotto Milanese. This one was saffron scented, well playing the part of the perfect accompaniment to the fall-off-the-bone meat.


For dessert, if I didn’t prefer gelato or cheese, I was left with tiramisu or panna cotta. The tiramisu (AED 45) was fabulous, though why for a licensed, authentic Italian restaurant it did not contain some Kahlua, I do not know. The caramel panna cotta (AED 45) was served in a large plate, making the portion look smaller than it was, but thankfully, it was rather enjoyable for its perfect sweetness and airy lightness. 


In all, Vivaldi served hearty Italian dishes, in a relaxing ambience complemented by a striking view of the Dubai creek. An easy 8/10 in the FoodKissed books. More dessert options though, please!

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